MP3: “Let’s Be Friends” – JAWW


Jaww is a band all the way from across the pond, South Cumbria to be exact. The five members met and formed the band during college in 2013, but this year marks the first of any releases. Self-described as a female-fronted five piece, “Let’s Be Best Friends” is the first single from their EP Pure Vibes, which is out tomorrow.

The single is kind of a perfect introduction, a sugary and sunny ballad with our favorite addition of lo-fi and fuzz, that makes for a surf rock sound more likely to come from a  band of the West Coast. “I would wait up all night for you….from the start you had my heart,” vocalist Eve coos, before an ending of a subtle giggle and a crash of instrumentals. With a sound so sweet it’s pretty much impossible not to fall in love with these guys. We’ll be keeping our eyes out for more from Jaww and you should be too. Stream the single below and look for their EP tomorrow.

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